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under construction This website is still under construction. Please do not touch too much :(

🚰 Info


Hello, hey and welcome to this web-page on the interned net. This site is the key to unlimited power and happiness or just my music and online presence. Only you have the right to decide.

💜 Schatz

Uptempo hardcore dance music with gabber- and shitpost-flair


bandcamp soundcloud audius

💙 qzqor

Downtempo IDM with experimental composition and trap influence


bandcamp soundcloud audius

🖤 Takara

Experimental cryptic dance music and sampledelia


bandcamp soundcloud

🥚 16194 & other

????? (mostly noise)


📲 Social Media

dog loves dnb I exist on social media some times:

📧 Contact

Electronic Mail:
schatz (dot) mw2 (at) online (dot) de
Also hit me up on any social media.

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